Johanna (ex- Ordogs) and Thomas (ex- Circle of Chaos) started to wright some songs together during the spring of 2015. Soon the hard hitting drummer Sillen (ex- Slowlife) was asked to join the project and as the other guitar player, Oskar (ex- Savage Skülls) was engaged. Cobra Cult was then officially formed in November 2015.


During May 2016 the first two songs ("Die!" and "Forever faster") was recorded at Audiogrind studio (with Linus Nirbrant - This Ending/A Canarous Quartet) and on August the 27th the band performed live for the first time. After another couple of gigs, the band entered Sunlight studio to record the four-track EP ("The Sunlight Tapes") with the legendary Tomas Skogsberg. The EP was released on July the 31st, 2017.


In August 2017, Magnus Palm (The Stickshifters, Electric Knights) joined the band as the new guitar player.


Cobra Cult did the first gig abroad in November the 10th, 2017, when the band hit the stage at The Bremer Metal Festival in Bremen, Germany.


On November the 6th, 2018, the self-titled debut album was released. The album was recorded once again with Tomas Skogsberg at Sunlight studio and mastered by Joel Grind of Toxic Holocaust.


In January 2019, Anders Martinsgård (Black Solstice, ex Ponamero Sundown) joined the band as the new lead guitarplayer.



Black Sabbath, Tom Petty, Bad Religion, L7, Iron Maiden, Alice in chains, Turbonegro, Judas Priest, Dead Kennedys, Motörhead, Ramones, Slayer, Corrosion of Conformity, Misfits, Toxic Holocaust, D-A-D, Social Distortion, Monster Magnet ...


Back: Carl Johan "Sillen Sillén (drums), Thomas Jonsson (bass), Anders Martinsgård (guitar)

Front: Johanna Lindhult (vocals/guitar)

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